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Brian's Beginner Plane Recommendations

We get asked about the "best" beginner planes every day.

Choosing a plane is VERY subjective and requires consideration of budget, flying space, experience level, etc. Here are the planes we recommend on a regular basis, in no particular order.

AeroScout 1.1m RTF

Apprentice 1.2m RTF

Apprentice 1.5m RTF

Apprentice STOL

Bigfoot 1.3m RTF

Carbon Cub S2 1.3m RTF

Duet S 2 RTF

Easy Trainer RTF

Habu STS 70mm RTF

Kingfisher 1.4m PNF

PA-18 1.3 RTF

Prodigy 1.4m RTF

Ranger 1.2m RTF

Sport Cub S2 UMX RTF

T-28 Trojan 1.1m

Trekker 1.2m RTF

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