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Brian's Beginner Plane Recommendations

We get asked about the "best" beginner planes every day.

Choosing a plane is VERY subjective and requires consideration of budget, flying space, experience level, etc. Here are the planes we recommend on a regular basis.

AeroScout 1.1m RTF

Apprentice 1.2m RTF

Apprentice 1.5m RTF

Bigfoot 1.3m RTF

Carbon Cub S2 1.3m RTF

Easy Trainer RTF

Habu STS 70mm RTF

Pioneer 620mm RTF

Prodigy 1.4m RTF

Ranger 1.2m RTF

Sport Cub S2 UMX RTF

T-28 Trojan 1.1m

Trekker 1.2m RTF

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